Welcome to the North Carolina USNA Parent Club

On behalf of the North Carolina USNA Parent Club, we’d like to invite you to join our Navy family!

The US Naval Academy Parent’s Club of North Carolina is the parent support group for the young men and women from NC and the upstate area of SC who attend the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Our organization joins approximately 88 other state, parent-led organizations to provide support and encouragement to the US Naval Academy Midshipmen.

Membership in our club is open to all NC and upstate SC families and friends of the US Naval Academy appointees, Midshipmen, US Naval Academy alumni, and Blue and Gold Officers who are interested in supporting the mission of our club. We encourage you to get involved with area event committees. If you’re interested, please contact us at: usnapcgc@gmail.com today!

If you live in Eastern NC, Triad NC, Triangle NC, Piedmont & Cape Dear NC areas we need you to engage in these statewide areas outside of Charlotte so to bring our sponsored events simultaneously closer to home! If you are interested in engaging contact us at:  usnapcgc@gmail.com today!

Request to join our group on our Facebook page for more information.

And if you’re not already a member, download the following form and Join Today!

Look out for news on these UPCOMING EVENTS

  • Go to the News, Events & More page for updated information on important events!
  • Special Promo offered to NC Parents of USNA Midshipman- Thanks to the Annapolis Hampton Inn for their special promo for our club members. Here is a link to a special promo we’ve requested for this academic year so to encourage more parent travel up to the yard to visit with your Mid ! GO TO:  http://hamptoninn.hilton.com/en/hp/reservations/index.jhtml?hotel=ANDMDHX&corporateCode=0002670548